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BaxMax Belt

Supporting core musculature and preventing compression of the lumbar spine.

back of a woman
back of a woman

Burkhart and Chapp Chiropractic, PLC offers the BaxMAX lumbar support belt to our patients as a way to prevent compression of the lumbar spine and further support core musculature. Each day, your spine compresses from the weight of your upper body being pressed down by the natural forces of gravity and the objects you lift. When you are standing or sitting for long periods, your spine compresses even more. The muscles of your body are able to help overcome these forces; however, if your spine is compromised by injury or some irregularity you may need some additional support to allow your body to heal.

The BaxMAX belt can help provide this support and prevent further compression. The patented pulley system incorporated into the BaxMAX prevents the spine from compressing your low back. This unique design has helped thousands of people relieve low back pain and can help you too!