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Posture Rehab

Improving spinal stability for chiropractic patients.

Posture Rehab can improve flexibility, strength and balance

Posture Rehabilitation consists of a program designed by your doctor to improve spinal stability. This often includes activities to strengthen weak muscles, stretch tight muscles, re-train damaged ligaments, and re-modulate the nervous system to reduce pain. These areas can become dysfunctional or asymmetrical due to lifestyle, posture, trauma, or degeneration. There are many benefits from performing even simple exercises to strengthen the core and stabilize the spine, minimal equipment required. Participants can expect to improve flexibility, strength, and balance through one-on-one sessions performed in our office, that are also easy to do at home.

Burkhart & Chapp Chiropractic utilizes motion guidance (MG) rehab as a tool to better evaluate and treat your condition. MG adds visual feedback and external cues to your rehab session, which allows you to see and understand your movements, in order to maximize your ability to perform the exercise or task.

Posture Rehab daily exercises

Rehabilitation sessions are usually only 15-30 minuntes long, and consist of 10-20 exercises or stretches that vary by repetition and difficulty. Once you have reached maximum improvement, you will be encouraged to continue your rehab routine as a daily activity, as well as continue any maintenance chiropractic treatment recommended by the doctor.

Danneroll allows for spinal and cervical curvature correction

Due to increased technology use, whiplash injuries, and sedentary or sitting lifestyle, poor posture and forward head position are becoming more prevalent. This can put you at a greater risk for a number of health conditions such as cardiovascular compromise, degeneration, arthritis, headaches, and even increased mortality. At Burkhart & Chapp Chiropractic, we offer the Denneroll, a specially designed neck correcting device. The Denneroll, when combined with chiropractic adjustments, allows for spinal remodeling and correction of the cervical curvature.

Danneroll can improve overall health

Proven in a number of case studies and one randomized clinical trial, the Denneroll has been shown to prevent nerve, ligament, and muscle damage, relieve pain, and improve overall health. This patented design offers a simple solution to allow for more effective chiropractic care and continued care at home.

BaxMAX belt comfortably supports the spine

Burkhart & Chapp also offers the BaxMAX support belt as an option for our patients, as a way to prevent compression of the lumbar spine and support core musculature. The low back is compressed every day by the objects we choose to lift and the weight of the body itself. When standing or sitting for long periods, the spine compresses even more. The patented pulley system of the BaxMAX belt comfortably supports the spine, and can be used for injury prevention, or to manage acute flare-ups until further treatment can be offered.

This unique design has helped thousands of people relieve low back pain and can help you too!

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